Oscar is my pet. He loves people.

We are going to keep him for ever.

Oscar goes in Daddy’s car.

We feed him nearly every day. Other days he just eats grass.

We got Oscar from an auction before I was born.

Oscar is a horse.

I love my pet.


Miranda’s Song

I made up a new song.  Here it goes.

Miranda’s Song

There once was a girl sitting in a tree

She prayed to God.

Can I have some wings today?

One day she woke up in the morning and she had wings

She could fly, she could touch the ground

She could turn around, turn around.

She climbed her tree one day

She prayed to God

Thank you for my wings.

One day there was a storm that crashed down her tree

Next to her tree she prayed to God

Can you fix my tree?

In its place grew a beautiful new tree

that she sat in every day when she prayed to God.

by Miranda

Thank you to Mummy for typing this for me.

Hello world!


My name is Miranda.

I am nearly 6. That means I am 5 now.

I like bananas. They are my favourite fruit.

I like my dog Tilly. My old dog Soxy died and then we bought Tilly. Tilly is a beagle.

I am going to use this blog for pictures and stories.